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P.O.Box 17049, Congella

Durban 4013 RSA


Head Office:

6 High Grove, Umgeni

Durban North




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Welcome to our website...

The Hellenic Association of KwaZulu-Natal was formed in 1949 and has as its main objective the promotion and maintenance of the Greek Orthodox religion, the Greek language and Hellenic traditions, ethos and culture amongst those persons who live in in KwaZulu-Natal who are Greek speakers and/or are of Hellenic origin.

To this end the Association has established and maintains two community centres.


These are situated at:

6 High Grove, Umgeni Park, Durban North where you will find:



And :

8 Cavell Place, Umbilo where you will find:



Membership is open to all persons who live in in KwaZulu-Natal who are Greek speakers and/or are of Hellenic origin and their spouses. In addition the Executive Committee has the authority in circumstances prescribed by the Association’s Constitution to admit other persons as members. The current annual membership fee is R350,00 for each member. All applications for membership should be made by submitting a duly completed application form to the Association’s head office.


ALL of our function and school facilities are available for hire by both members and non-members.


Information on availability, costs and conditions of use are available:



            For more information on our facilities see “Our Venues”

Download the application form:

St.Nicholas Church - Dbn North